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High Performance Tools

Variable Lead End Mills
Variable Lead Ball Nose
5xD Coolant Thru Drills
7xD Coolant Thru Drills

Solid Carbide End Mills

Standard Length End Mills
Extra Length End Mills
Stub Length End Mills
Miniature End Mills
Roughing End Mills
High Helix End Mills
Double End End Mills
Standard Length Ball Nose
Extra Length Ball Nose
Stub Length Ball Nose
Miniature Ball Nose
Double End Ball Nose
Standard Length Radius End Mills
Extra Length Radius End Mills

Solid Carbide Drills

Jobber Drills

Carbide Burrs

Cylindrical Non-End Cutting Burrs
Cylindrical End Cutting Burrs
Cylindrical Radius Burrs
Ball Shaped Burrs
Oval Shaped Burrs
Tree Radius Burrs
Tree Pointed Burrs
Flame Pointed Burrs
60 Degree Tapered Burrs
90 Degree Tapered Burrs
14 Degree Tapered Burrs
Pointed Cone Burrs
Inverted Tapered Burrs

Solid Carbide Reamers

Straight Flute Reamers


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